Closed Beta FAQ

Lead GM Cicada -

Q: Why Are We Doing a Closed Beta?
A: We want to see what you think of KartRider: Drift. What’s exciting, what’s dull, what needs to be tweaked or eliminated entirely. We’ve had our heads buried in it for a long while now, and want your fresh eyes to help us make KartRider: Drift the best game it can be!

Also, as part of our efforts at making the best possible kart racing experience, we are running this Closed Beta in order to see how KartRider: Drift performs in the real world, away from the safety of our internal networks. Game performance, network responsiveness and stability, database interactions; there’s numerous factors behind a modern online title that are best examined by getting real people to push it as much as they can!

Q: Who Can Join the Closed Beta?
A: Anyone that has, or can create, a Nexon account and is not in one of the countries noted to be restricted in the Service Regions article can apply to join the Closed Beta. Please keep in mind that the list of supported service regions may change before the release of KartRider: Drift in 2020.

Q: How Will Invitations Work?
A: Players that are selected to join the Closed Beta will be sent an email announcing that they have been invited, along with a code that will unlock the title on the platform chosen during sign-up and instructions describing how to unlock and download the beta. Please note that, for the duration of the Closed Beta, players will be restricted only to the platform that they selected. This restriction is not planned to be in place when KartRider: Drift launches in 2020.

Q: What are the System Requirements?
A: We recommend that PC players have at least the below specs. KartRider: Drift may be playable below this, but may experience reduced performance:

  • OS: Windows 7 or above (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel i5 Quadcore CPU or above
  • Memory: 8 GB or above
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 760 or above (64-bit)
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB of free space

Q: What Modes, Maps, Karts, and Characters will the Closed Beta Contain?
A: For the Closed Beta, Item Mode will feature five maps (Clocktower Crossing, Icebreaker Pass, Lumberjack Lane, Polar Halfpipe and Woodsy Way), while Speed Mode will feature two maps (Bayside Bridge Run and Handy Harbor). The game will also have 3 characters, 8 karts, and a selection of kart customization parts and character skins.

Q: Can I Capture Video and/or Stream Gameplay from the Closed Beta?
A: Absolutely! Record it, stream it, get screen grabs and show off your times to your friends, whatever you want! 

Q: Where Can I Provide Feedback on the Closed Beta?
A: You’ll be able to provide feedback in the official KartRider: Drift Discord, as well as on the official KartRider: Drift forums once the Closed Beta begins. We’ll also send out an email survey afterwards for additional thoughts.

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