Troubleshooting using MS Config

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When troubleshooting issues related to Nexon Games there may be a time you will need to check your background programs and services in order to isolate an issue.

If you have already does basic troubleshooting covered in this knowledge base you may want to see if a Windows process or service is causing the issue. 

Now to do this you need to get into the Msconfig menu which you access a few different ways depending on your Operating System.

On Windows XP/Vista/7

• Click on the start button
• Either click on run to open up that command or scroll down to the search box
• Type in Msconfig and click ok or hit enter

On Windows 8

• Scroll your mouse to the right hand corner of your screen
• Open the search Windows
• Type in Mscongfig and click it

Once there you want to select the Startup tab:


This features all the programs that start along with Windows Start Up. Don’t worry, this won’t disable any important processes that Windows requires nor will it permanently remove any of your installed programs, it only pauses them from starting up until you restart them.

This is a quick and easy way start to identifying if one of those programs that normally runs in the background while playing is causing issues with you running or remaining in game.

Let's begin the steps:

Step One: Make sure each program listed under the tab labeled Startup tab is checked and then click on Disable all on the bottom left.

After this click Apply and OK.

Step Two: Click on the tab labeled Services 


It is possible the issue affecting your game could be related to one of the service here, however, we do not want to disable any of your Microsoft Services so this is what you do to prevent that from happening.

Step Three: Click on the box in the lower left corner that reads “Hide all Microsoft Services.” We are doing this so that you are only disabling non-Microsoft Services that might be causing an issue.

Then Click on Apply and then OK.

Step Four: Restart your computer.

Step Five: Run your game as you would normally and see if you are able to connect and stay connected without experiencing any issues.

If the game runs with no issues then we know the issue is related to one of the services or programs still running on your system. This is where we have to identify which one it is.

Step Six: Relaunch Msconfig and click on the Startup tab. You should see all your programs and an empty checkbox next to them.

Step Seven: Check the box for the first program and then click Apply and OK, keep in mind, sometimes you will be asked to restart your computer, sometimes not.

Step Eight: If you were required to reboot your computer once it loads back into Windows, try launching your game. If you did not need to reboot, just launch your game.

If you are able to launch your game and remain connected without any issues then it means the program you re-enabled is not the cause of the issue.

Step Nine: Repeat steps Six thru Eight, you are starting with the Startup Tab first and moving onto the next program in the list.

Remember to leave the previous program you enabled checked as you already have established that the program in question is not the cause of the issue.

While this is a slow process because you are re-enabling one program at a time, the key here is to find that program that is causing the issue.

Eventually you will enable one of the programs either on the Startup or Services tab that was cause an issue with your game. Once you discover which program it is you can then disable it again so that you can run game.

Step Ten: Once you identified what program is causing the issue you can continue playing your game while you submit a ticket to support.

To create a support ticket, click on the “Submit a Request” button on this page and fill out all the required information.

You will need to also describe the error in detail and the program you identified as causing the issue.

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